10 Awesome UK Adoption Forums

I don’t know what I would have done without my online support system when I first adopted my children. The experience of being in a foreign country with three new children whose language I couldn’t understand could only really be understood by a certain subdivision of the adoption community. It certainly was not appreciated among friends and family who had no experience raising children who had been victims of trauma or neglect. Yet, the assurances of people who had been “in the trenches” and attested that their children had made quantum jumps since those frenzied first few months were some of the few affirmations that gave me hope in my early insecurity. Other adoptive parents provided great advice, as well as some wonderful blueprints for my own parenting. Here are some fabulous UK adoption forums that can support you in your journey:

  1. Mumsnet

Covering topics like “choosing a school,” “how to speed up time,” and “sibling adoption,” threads on this website are likely to be responded to with honesty and positivity, giving you a realistic idea of how to navigate the challenges of your adoption journey.

  1. Mothering.com/forum/

Subscribed to by mothers all over the world, this website covers topics from healthy eating to attachment to haircuts. You will find mothers asking proactive questions about adoption decisions that are responded to with truthfulness and encouragement.

  1. Adoption.com/forums/88/uk-and-Ireland-adoption/

From adoptees looking for their birth mothers to artists making BBC adoption documentaries, this forum is a positive arena for connecting with those in your nation thriving through adoption.

  1. Netmums.com/support/all-about-adoption

Beginning by helping you determine your adoption eligibility, this forum helps you to find a community, get a home study, and learn how to be matched with a child. You may be surprised to earn that you are exactly the kind of person who is welcome to adopt, and you can move forward in your journey with grace and confidence. 

  1. Forums/afteradoption.org/uk

Adoptees looking for birth parents, writing letters to blood relatives, and looking for a company can be found here.

  1. Fertilityfriends.co.uk/forum/

Seeking to provide a balanced view of adoptions, this website contains real but positive stories about successful adoptions and flourishing kids.

  1. Adopterssupportuk.freeforums.net

Check out the “Good board” for positive adoption narratives on this site, as well as a myriad of resources for working with children who have ADHD, FAS, and sensory issues.

  1. First4adoption.org.uk/supportttype/web-forums/

Adoption professionals, inspiring quotes, and a step-by-step breakdown of the adoption process can be found on this forum. Those who thought they could may not be candidates for adoption may be pleasantly surprised at their eligibility.

  1. Familytreeforum.com

The miracle and joy of adoption are apparent here, where articles, blogs, and projects are also available. Family tree photos and genealogy searches are common.

  1. Adoptionheart.org.uk

Waiting children, prospective adoptive parents, and birth relatives can be found here, along with a support team of clinical psychologists, play therapists, and social workers. The village it takes to change a life is available at your fingertips!

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