The International Adoption Process in the UK

Adoption is an amazing way to bring a child into your family. Not only does it provide you with a child, but it provides the child with a forever family that loves them no matter what. Millions of children worldwide are searching for forever families. You have made a great decision by choosing to adopt internationally.

In the United Kingdom, there is a procedure that you must follow in order to adopt a child. But first, you need to decide on which country you want to adopt from. Then, you must find out if the country is a Hague Convention country or a country on the designated list. A Hague Convention country is a country that signed up to the 1993 Hague Convention on intercountry adoption. It is an act meant to protect children who are being adopted internationally. If the country is a Hague Convention country, the adoption will be recognized in both countries, and the child will automatically acquire British nationality. If the country is not a Hague Convention country, the United Kingdom will recognize countries on the designated list and adoptions from them, but the child will not automatically be considered a British citizen, so you need to have a clear immigration plan. If a country does not fit either of these, then you might need to apply for adoption in both countries. 

The law in the United Kingdom is very broad in criteria for those that can apply to adopt. The only requirements are that you must be at least 21 years of age, have not been a convicted felon, and you live in the United Kingdom. An adoption agency authorized to handle intercountry adoptions will also need to approve your suitability to be a parent. They will look at your finances, health, and any other children in your family. The steps in adopting include a home study—completed by a social worker—a panel approval of ten experts, certificate of eligibility to adopt, being matched with a child, and then the legal process with immigration. To begin this process, you will need to make contact with an adoption agency to receive information on their services. The adoption agency will formally assess you to determine if you are eligible to adopt. While it is a long process, it is definitely worth the extra time to bring a child into your home. For more information, visit

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